Case Study: Restaurant

Case Study: Restaurant


Well-known Pittsburgh restauranteurs opened a new establishment in Warrendale, PA. The new upscale seafood restaurant located in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh, features an oyster bar, a chef’s table & outdoor seating. The owners were in need of a full-service cleaning operation that would be responsible for regularly maintaining the beauty and brilliance of the restaurant’s lighting and accessories. A customer recommended Executive Chandelier Services, LLC to the owners.


Owners had been using a basic cleaning company to clean their floors and carpeting. They were in need of somebody to maintain the lighting in their restaurant, as well as their bar. For five years, they had been looking for a reputable company that would provide a scheduled maintenance program.

One of the problem areas was their air conditioning vents, especially during the summer months. Without properly scheduled maintenance, dust and debris would go everywhere.


After a customer recommended Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, to the owners, a meeting was scheduled to discuss the restaurant’s needs. Originally thinking the project would focus on the pendant lighting chandeliers in the dining area, as well as the modern lighting fixtures in the bar, it was decided that Executive Chandelier Services, LLC could provide a comprehensive package that would include much more. In addition to the dining and bar areas, Executive Chandelier Services, LLC now maintains the air conditioning vents, fluorescent lighting, as well as the kitchen area by regularly scrubbing the walls, ceiling tiles, and floors.


Executive Chandelier Services, LLC has a regular maintenance schedule set up with the high-end restaurant—providing cleaning services once or twice per quarter.

The clients have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Executive Chandelier Services, LLC that they have been hired to do work, such as installing exterior fixtures, at the owners’ personal residence. In addition, Executive Chandelier Services, LLC has been hired to install over 20 crystal chandeliers at a high-end steakhouse that the clients are in the process of opening a mile away from the seafood restaurant.