Case Study: Church

Case Study: Church


An old church in the Squirrel Hill/Shadyside section of Pittsburgh was being converted into a community outreach center. Two very large chandeliers, approximately 7-8 feet wide and 12-15 feet high remained in the church. Wanting to include these elegant pieces in the new center, the general contractor in charge of the project contacted Executive Chandelier Services, LLC to clean and restore the vintage chandeliers. Dating back a hundred years or so, these chandeliers used to adorn a passenger cruise ship; and, at one time, were gas lamps that were later converted to electric.


The chandeliers were in need of major cleaning and restoration. Not only were many of the pieces broken, but the chandeliers hadn’t been cleaned in a hundred years. Hanging approximately 30 feet off of the ground, cleaning had been a challenge in the past.


Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, used scaffolding to begin the cleaning and restoration process. Pictures dating back to the guesstimated era of the chandeliers were referenced during restoration. In addition to pins and wires being replaced, all of the light bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. Each crystal prism was delicately removed, hand washed and rinsed, followed by a soft microfiber towel to dry. All other non-crystal parts, including the frames and arms, were gently wiped. From start to finish, Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, exercised extreme care to restore the elegance of these antique chandeliers.


The outreach center staff was amazed by how beautiful the chandeliers looked.