Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting Needs Attention, Too

When it comes to regular maintenance, exterior lighting is commonly overlooked.  Whether at a residence or place of business, outdoor lights not only attract dust and bugs but can often take a beating from Mother Nature.  Exterior lighting can be expensive.  Why not give it a little attention?

Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, is more than ready to help.  With the same patience, care and precision we apply to our chandelier cleaning services, we will have your property brilliantly shining in no time.  Regular cleaning and maintenance extends the life of your exterior lights and enhances curb appeal.  Hiring a professional cleaning service also eliminates to need to buy special equipment to reach difficult areas of lighting.

We often compare your exterior lighting to your car.  It’s expensive and withstands the various elements of weather on a daily basis.  So, not only do they both need to be cleaned, but they need to be protected.  With every cleaning job, we apply a special coat of wax to protect your lights from the outdoor elements.  In order to extend the life of your exterior lighting, we recommend this service once a year.

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