Case Study: Moving Project

Case Study: Moving Project


A homeowner in Fox Chapel was looking for a company to clean and crate a large dining room chandelier for their move to Florida. The older chandelier held sentimental value and they wanted to transport it to their new home. The client found Executive Chandelier Services, LLC through an online search.


The homeowners had received a quote for crating, but they were unable to locate a service that would clean the chandelier prior to packaging. Also, due to the intricate details, there was a concern that if the chandelier were dismantled for cleaning by the homeowner, then they would not be able to properly assemble upon arrival in Florida.


After meeting with the client, it was decided that the best way to handle the move would be to disassemble the chandelier. Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, gently removed all of the crystals, while marking and color coding all of the pieces to help with reassembly in Florida. After meticulously cleaning all of the crystals, as well as wiping the frame, arms and other non-crystal pieces, the chandelier was ready for packing.

Each crystal was delicately wrapped in tissue paper and a crate was custom-made for shipping. The body of the chandelier and wrapped color-coded crystals were then securely packed in the custom-built crate. Upon the client’s request, Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, provided a monetary value of the chandelier for insurance purposes prior to shipping. In addition, information on additional chains for hanging was provided to the client upon arrival.