Protecting Your Chandelier During a Remodel

If you plan to remodel your home, there are various valuable items you should protect during the renovation. During your renovation, there will likely be dust, paint, and other debris throughout the home that can settle on items such as your chandelier, ruining or damaging it.

You’ve made a major investment in your chandelier, so don’t let a remodel ruin it! Be sure to follow these steps from the experts at Executive Chandelier to ensure the safety and quality of your chandelier are protected.

Covering Your Chandelier

Chandeliers and Home RemodelingIf you need to cover your chandelier, it is critical that you disconnect the power source from the chandelier first. Once the power to the fixture is off, you can start by removing the light bulbs and taping the light switches to the off position. You then need to disconnect the wires and put wire nuts on the ends. Once this is complete, shut off the breaker.

This may seem extreme just to cover your chandelier, but there have been many instances where people have forgotten the light is covered, turned it on, and caused a fire in the home.

No matter if you use plastic, cloth, or paper to cover your light, a lit bulb can catch fire easily and cause severe damage to the home.

If you already have a chandelier installed, the best way to protect it is to remove it from the ceiling. Then seal the wires with wire nuts and store the chandelier away somewhere safe. If you can’t remove the fixture, be sure to shut off the power to the chandelier and follow our expert tips mentioned above.

If you have just purchased your chandelier, we recommend that you delay installing it until the renovations are complete. This is the most foolproof way to prevent damage.

Annual Service Plans to Keep Your Chandelier Shining

The experts at the Executive Chandelier offer annual service plans to ensure your chandelier remains shining and looking like new. Contact us today to learn more.

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