Chandelier Cleaning: A Daunting Task

Chandelier Cleaning: A Daunting Task

Chandeliers, whether they’re a treasured family heirloom or a newly purchased showpiece of delicate crystals, are a beautiful accessory to any home. For many, the idea of cleaning such an expensive and intricate centerpiece can seem like a daunting task. Often, chandeliers are difficult to reach, not to mention complicated to disassemble. There are two main options when it comes to keeping your chandeliers shining brightly—cleaning by hand or hiring a professional chandelier cleaner, the second option preferred by many.

Cleaning by Hand
Taking on this task can be very difficult. Without the proper equipment, such as special ladders or hydraulic lifts to reach a tricky spot, your first challenge may be getting to the chandelier. If this is possible, you must be sure to have the proper padding to protect the surface below the chandelier and to prevent breakage from any crystals that may fall during assembly or disassembly.

Once the work area is prepared and the chandelier has been reached, the cleaning process can begin. Proper cleaning involves:
• Gentle removal of all crystal prisms and strands (documenting or taking pictures of crystal placement to help with reassembly)
• Lukewarm water wash by hand of all pieces removed using a mild detergent, followed by a clean water rinse
• Drying of all items with a soft microfiber towel
• Gentle wipe of the chandelier’s frame, arms, light bulbs and any other non-crystal parts
• Use of spotless white cotton gloves or finger cots to return each piece of crystal to its original location

Never spray solutions directly onto a chandelier or use harsh cleaners. They can ruin the frame and cause corrosion. Cleaning by hand may seem like a less expensive option, but one that is very tedious, time-consuming and labor intensive.

Hiring a Professional Chandelier Cleaner
Professional chandelier cleaning services, such as Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, a professional chandelier cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area, specialize in the delicate and meticulous work involved with cleaning a chandelier. If you want to ensure you are protecting your investment, schedule a professional service at least once a year.

Paying for a professional chandelier cleaning services has the following advantages:
• They have access to the tools needed to get the job done
• They are insured and responsible for any breakage due to cleaning
• They are knowledgeable and familiar with handling a wide spectrum of crystal heirlooms and centerpieces
• Many cleaning services offer additional services such as repair, installation and restoration – an expertise many do-it-yourselfers may not have
• They do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners

With the help of a professional service, like Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, your chandeliers will once again shine brilliantly.

Pittsburgh’s Premier Chandelier Cleaning Service
Executive Chandelier’s premier chandelier cleaning service brings more than 20 years of experience in cleaning, installing and restoring all types of lighting in the Pittsburgh area. With their white-glove service, your chandelier will once again become the eye-catching centerpiece it was always meant to be. Reliable and highly skilled, no job is too big or small. For a free estimate, call 412-487-9219. The quality of work is exceptional — and the results are extraordinary.

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