Tips for Maintaining your Chandelier

Tips for Maintaining your Chandelier

Chandeliers are a stunning accessory in any home.  They range from brand new, expensive, dazzling masterpieces of crystal to priceless family heirlooms passed down through generations.  They brighten entryways, showcase grand staircases and glisten over family dining tables.  Whether new or old, it is important to maintain the elegance of your chandeliers.


Easy Maintenance Tips

The following maintenance tips will keep your chandelier the eye-catching centerpiece it was always meant to be.


Determine how to Handle your Chandelier

Due to a chandelier’s intricate details and fragile nature, it is necessary to first identify the best method for handling such a delicate accessory.  The type, size and age of the chandelier will determine the best way to maintain your piece of elegance.  If newly purchased, the chandelier manufacturer will have tips for properly handling and cleaning the chandelier.  If you have inherited the chandelier, you will need to research or consult an expert.


Clean Once per Year

It is highly recommended by most crystal chandelier manufacturers to clean your chandelier at least once a year.  The cleaning process involves:

  • Gentle removal of all crystal prisms and strands
  • Lukewarm water wash by hand of all pieces removed using a mild detergent, followed by a clean water rinse
  • Drying of all items with a soft microfiber towel
  • Gentle wipe of the chandelier’s frame, arms, light bulbs and any other non-crystal parts
  • Use of spotless white cotton gloves or finger cots to return each piece of crystal to its original location


Dust Weekly

In order to prevent major buildup of dust and grime, run a dry duster over the outside of the chandelier when doing your weekly dusting.  Never spray solutions directly onto a chandelier.  It can ruin the frame and cause corrosion.


Regular Inspection

Regularly inspecting your chandelier is one more step in maintaining your chandelier.  You want to make sure there are no broken pieces or loose wires and that it is functioning properly.  This can easily be done with a quick look or by a professional service doing annual cleaning.  And don’t forget to assess the need for replacement bulbs.


Consider Hiring Professionals

Professional chandelier cleaners, like Executive Chandelier Services LLC in Pittsburgh, specialize in the delicate meticulous work required to properly clean and maintain a chandelier. Executive Cleaning Services, Inc. takes great pride in meticulously handling, cleaning and restoring your investment.   In addition, professionals have access to the tools needed to get the job done.

Annual cleaning, maintenance and restoration are all important steps to preserving the elegance of your chandelier.  For many, the idea of cleaning such an expensive and intricate piece can seem like a daunting task.  Paying for a professional chandelier cleaning services has its advantages.


Pittsburgh’s Premier Chandelier Cleaning Service

With a the help of Executive Chandelier Services, LLC, a professional chandelier cleaning service in the Pittsburgh area, your chandeliers will once again shine brilliantly. If you want to ensure you are protecting your investment, schedule a professional service at least once a year.  Executive Chandelier’s premier chandelier cleaning service brings more than 20 years of experience in cleaning, installing and restoring all types of lighting in the Pittsburgh area.  Reliable and highly skilled, no job is too big or small. For a free estimate, call 412-487-9219.  The quality of work is exceptional — and the results are extraordinary.

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